All image on this website and those created by Anita Hammadache copyrighted with Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. So what does this mean in real terms.

With Creative Commons I am giving you permission

To SHARE, COPY, DISTRIBUTE, TRANSMIT and DISPLAY only UNALTERED copies of the work, but not create and distribute works based upon it.

However (I know there is always a but!) there are conditions with that and they are:

Credits / Attribution: You must credit me Anita Hammadache at with every image when it’s published.

Not for Commercial Use : The image must not be used for commercial purposes under any circumstances. It means I am happy for you to use any of my images that I share for a blog post or website as long as you credit me, or you can keep it on your computer for personal use. However you may NOT without prior permission use it in a marketing campaign even if thats for a not-for-profit entity or reproduce it in any way for sale, or use the image to represent a business without prior permissions.

If you want to use it for commercial purposes then please get in touch to discuss licensing options. For anything else – Happy Sharing.


In the past I have tried all sorts of watermarking in all sorts of colours, shapes, sizes and for a variety of reasons. As I have progressed on the photographic journey I was led to the issue of copyright so I thought that if you wanted to be a photographer you had to protect your images which I felt in certain circumstances was very true, after all you don’t spend all your time, energy and money just to hand it out for free when you are trying to earn a living – do you? What about people taking your stuff and using it as their own? Are these even things that you should worry about? Then there are a lot of people and professional photographers out there who are very opposed to seeing a watermark on an image and feel its an annoying distraction.

After all this thinking, reading and experimenting I realized that whatever stance a photographer takes they are doing what is best for their genre of images and for how they want to present themselves out there in the vast world of image bombardment. I am not well known, I don’t have thousands of followers but I would like for people to share and use my images. I would also like to be credited and I would like people to know where and how to connect with me further. There have been many times I have found an image somewhere on the Internet that I have been inspired by and it has not been watermarked so I have not known who has taken it or how to follow them and look at more of their images.

In considering what I was doing and how I was doing it I’ve decided, for now, until new information comes to light, to place a watermark of my website at the bottom of my images because that is where I would like people to end up. I don’t think that I will ever have total control over what happens with my images once I have shared them on the internet and I don’t have a truck load of money or time at my disposal to chase it all down but at least people will know where the image came from, unless the watermark is removed. However, the crux of it is that I WANT PEOPLE TO SHARE MY IMAGES and I get a lot of pleasure and gratification when people do. I also hope that the watermark is unobtrusive enough not to be an annoyance or distraction from the image. P.S Some older images may have larger marks so please don’t think argghh I thought you said they were small. Over time they will probably get even smaller and more faded.