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 The most relevant moments and fairy floss

A girl skipped by with her parents and large white fairy floss on a stick. In the light of idealism, It provided the picture most families dream of. Even though the park echoed of abandonment a small crowd drew our interest.  A man dressed all in black with black hair and a beard was making white fairy floss on an old rickety, rusted table. The sweet poison was a must buy for the family. On the whole, these are the moments you cherish. The moments that you can never skimp on. Of course one day our children will buy it for their children and everyone will remember days out together just as I remember my father taking us to the fair and filling us to the eyeballs with sugar.

In essence childhood memories are the building blocks for their future. However at the time, what is the most important will end up as the most irrelevant. And what seems irrelevant will end up being the most valued. With this in mind could fairy floss be an undervalued buy?

Fairy Floss Girl