Are we connected more or less nowadays? Was life better back when phones didn’t have cameras, and social media didn’t exist?……has technology made life better or worse?

Are selfies and our phones keeping us connected or disconnected?

The answer depends on your definition of “connected”. Personally, in today’s world, I take it as a balance between our on-line and physical lives.

My family went for a drive to Tikjda in the Djurdura mountain ranges in Algeria where it was snowing. Everywhere we went groups of people taking selfies or with their selfie sticks posing for photos. One group of young guys took their shirts off to get their pictures (I’m sorry I didn’t get a shot of that for you). Because of the snowy conditions, traffic was at a standstill. In that event, all the passengers got out of their cars and walked alongside. Everyone had fun diving into the thick white powder, throwing snowballs and laughing.

People complain that today our attention is not on what’s going on around us but on our screens and at a glance “real” human interaction would appear to be missing. We will all think however we wish to about the subject, however, on this occasion, I noticed the opposite. Even though the amount of selfie taking surprised me, I saw people connecting with each other in doing so. It’s not hard to imagine why we need to take the beautiful and happy parts of our lives and pass it on.

We need to share more than ever

I like the idea that the more we do and share the more we can bring people throughout the world together. To be seen and heard by everyone, everywhere makes us feel good. After all, this is a mixed global world and to be connected is not just about the person or the scenery we are standing next to, its reach is much farther.

So I say, share that selfie or two of you on top of an old tree stump overlooking the beautiful mountain ranges. Keep your everyday life connected to the world. Many want to separate us and have us hate each other. Let’s show them why we should embrace and love each other instead. If you are somewhere and feeling great, share on its infectiousness.

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