stonegate, York, England

York is a medieval town in North Yorkshire, England. It is full of English character and charm and at one point we lived in this beautiful town. This photo was even from back in the days of using film and darkrooms. Stonegate is one of the famous streets built inside the ancient walled city featuring its overhanging wooden frames.

At the moment I feel a bit like a book. Starting with the present and jumping back in time over and over until moving into the future. The past and its memories always there to look back on with fondness or distress depending on your mood.

Creating a memory with the camera

Old photographs like this one in York have a different meaning to different people, I guess. For me, our internal memories are images captured as light enters our eyes casting an image onto our retina. Certainly, it’s in much the same way as a camera lens capturing reflected light from an object and transforming it onto a sensor. A preserved moment, then fused with other senses to give it mood, meaning and purpose. Not similar to our post production methods in Lightroom. Then, in our mind, it is filed away ready to be recalled when needed. In the case of the photograph, the appropriate album or catalogue. Will we remember it in the same way we photographed it, though?

The feature image and the story behind that it connects to.

Even though the two process seems similar, I rarely remember taking the photo. When I look in the album, it sparks the actual memory. But not of the moment. It’s the thoughts of a place or period, people whatever it was that the image was projecting. The photograph is the feature image or the covering page that opens our minds memory and releasing the story to us. I don’t remember the moment standing in this street taking the shot. But the photo brings forth the memory of my time in York and certainly the street itself.